If you’re responsible for setting up tracking and reporting on your digital marketing channels then there are some super cool Chrome browser plug-ins to help you along the way. What you need depends on what channels and analytics tools you’re using. I thought I’d talk about the ones I use…

(If you have some cool browser plug-ins for digital analytics, please comment!)

Page Analytics by Google

By installing and activating this plug-in (and if you’re logged into your Google Analytics account) whenever you go onto your website you’ll see page information across the top, including page views, unique page views, avg. time on page, bounce rate, exit rate and so much more if you use the drop downs. It’ll also give you real-time unique users and clicks data.

Get excited because it even has the Google Analytics date comparison and segmentation tools! I know, right?! 

Page Views Chrome Extension

Google Tag Assistant by Google

Google Tag Assistant allows you to see what tags you’ve implemented on a particular page on your site. It’ll also try to highlight errors if they haven’t been implemented properly or there’s some other issue.

Having logged into your Google account, navigate to the page you want to check, click the plug-in and you’re away. Hopefully you see green!

GTM Chrome Extension

(I added the blurs on the example image. Obviously.)

Facebook Pixel Helper by Facebook

Only applicable if you’re using Facebook adverts… (but even if you’re not currently advertising, get pixels on there for if you ever do).

Facebook Pixel Helper will check what pixels you’ve got set up on any particular page. Typically the standard pixel will be on all pages, but then you can check your ‘conversion completed’ pages for the conversion pixel too. The plug-in will highlight any errors for you to go and fix.

Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome Extension

Twitter Pixel Helper by Twitter

Twitter Pixel Helper is for your Twitter advertising, to make sure your pixels are firing (very similar to the Facebook Pixel Helper).

It looks for Twitter pixels on any website, showing you if the pixels are firing correctly on your site (or even other sites). If your pixels aren’t working, go fix them!

Twitter Pixel Helper

Export Linkedin Analytics by ruf.io

Now, this is cool!

I came across this nifty little plug-in when I was looking for a way to export LinkedIn channel data. At the time of writing, LinkedIn’s native analytics offering is somewhat… well… amateur. There’s no CSV export (#WTF). But don’t worry, your problems are solved with the Export LinkedIn Analytics plug-in.

When logged into your LinkedIn company analytics page, click the plug-in and you’ll see a date selector. Enter the date range you need for your data, submit and export. Then you’ll get a pleasant little CSV with your data in it. Hurray!

LinkedIn Plug-In

That’s all for now. Thanks and enjoy!